Top Definition
1. Superheroine and singer on GaiaOnline

2. A sweetheart who accept people for who they are. She's changed from being a bser to someone with logical sense; overactive imagination, but tries to see if people will approve of it before accepting the idea as necessary herself; no longer massively overpowered
She's at least accepting of people. You've got to admire G-gage's dedication...
by Miss Eliza Star May 16, 2009
1. A failure through all means of the word; annoying; a bullshitter; someone who makes things up off the top of her head, and expects people to accept it; someone with a massive overpowered roleplaying character.

2. A superheroine roleplayer on Gaia Online.
Wow, what a failure. You're like G-Gage. That's right. I went there.
by Gaia Online April 16, 2009
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