g comes from "god"
pronounce like "gee"
look at this black-skined buddy of myn, he is a real G. my best friend 4eva!
by leddaface March 08, 2006
1. A gangster.
2. Someone sick or raw.
3. A gram of substances.
4. A grand.
5. Huseyin Sah
1. "Yo man he's a gangster"
2. "He was too sick, he's a g!"
3. "Send Hus a G of that shit"
4. "Hus owe's me a G for that shit"
5. "Hus is a G."
by Alex - The G [Abos for ever] January 29, 2005
1. a replacing word for a person
2. a thousand dollars
3. a gangsta
1. yo g let me get some of that weed
2. yo man I got 3 g's
3. I got checked by five g's today
by Monkey January 31, 2004
an abriviation of ganster
"whad up G"
by Bill Gates January 30, 2004
fucked up or messed up
You know that girl . . . good body, face kinda g’d?

If you haven’t slept in three days and fall into a dumpster and someone sees that they would say, “You are lookin’ g’d.”
by rice September 09, 2003
A top dawg, or close hommie. also REEFERed to a gram of many sorts of controlled substances, one of which is marry jane, pot, weed, my fav, and marajauna!
"Yo' g, sup yo, was goin on snoop"" man stop fuckin around roll up that g"
by Lupu August 27, 2003
To educate oneself by spending ridiculous amounts of time browsing Urban Dictionary entries.
p1: "I'm urban-dictionary-ing.
that needs to be shortened somehow."
p2: "g"
p1: "Excellent. I'm g."

by cupcakes4lulz August 20, 2008

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