-a gram of marijuana
-a respected gangster, thug
-a friend
-a thousand dollars
-I had about a g of that sticky-icky
-That nucca is a straight-up G
-What's up G
-This watch cost me about 3 g's
by tdubs November 07, 2003
gangsta meth or money or name 4 yo homie
by Eminem's Bitch April 28, 2003
Its what I like to call my mom. She fuckin hates it though
phone rings
I check caller ID ~ its mom
me: Yo G what up??
Mom: Goddamnit are you an asshole or what??
by g's_kid March 10, 2007
A game to see who can do the crazist,funnist thing.
Zay a G showed the mail lady his penis.
by eric patterson February 15, 2007
Yes, affirmative, right on.
That movie was tight!
by Trailmug December 14, 2006
The moichest (for meaning of moich, see 'moich') type of person. someone who is totally crazy. Originates from a person that was nicknamed this from Blairgowrie, Scotland because he was such a nutter.
G you are a fucking legend, i'v been looking for swedge everywhere.
by wee waldo September 09, 2006
a measurement of a heavenly substance.
i have 5g... lets blaze
by lucifer macaca June 07, 2005

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