typically used to describe a thorough thug....but in this case it is being used as a word for a train....group sex....gang bang more than one dude taking turns on a female..
we bout to G this bitch
the whole clique G'd that bitch last night
I'm bout to dipset we bout to G this go-live in little bit
by Outlandish djgr September 13, 2007
To Fake Some thing;
Or to Trick Some One
Person #1:"I Won the Lottery"
Person #2:"Dont G That"
by E.C.K. 'Z own Grim January 10, 2007
a gangsta or a homes boy or girl.
"sup g"
"nothin much home"
by Pattie Wager July 16, 2005
a totally rad and sexy gangster.
Gerald is a real G!
that's a G cadillac you be rockin
by llovelyyyy June 01, 2005
derived from "gangster"

Now, most commonly refers to someone who is at the top of their game.
Someone who has the respect of many; asscociated with having game, fashion, and money.
"that nigga is a G. He got it all"
by aggtown March 31, 2005
da short way of sayin gram...like a gram of weed (also known as marijuana, pot, reefer..etc)
"man can u hook me up wit a g by friday?"

"we smoked 2 g's yestaday nite"
by disgurlluvzreefer November 22, 2004
a gangsta or west coast g.
hes a west coast g stuck on the east coast.
by matt December 13, 2003

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