Very cute, fuzzy and possibly baby-talk.
similar to Moo
ooga wooga fuzzy-wuzzy bunny-wunny!
by Noodles April 21, 2005
Being buzzed as your vision get blurry from drinking too much everything seems to be shaking.
Doris drank too much that she fuzzy wuzzy, didn't see the shoe on the floor and fell head first to the ground.
by Manny Swagged Z November 29, 2011
when someone wears a soft bathrobe that makes the person look like a bear.
that little serbiangirl is a fuzzy wuzzy ahaha
by torid January 11, 2008
indistinct; vague; obscure. A reduplication of 'fuzzy'.
There is a fuzzy-wuzzy line of distinction between the two.
by uttam maharjan September 03, 2011
A girly that is hairy in all the wrong places.
Example: Facial hair, lower back, excesive hair basicly anywhere.
Ew groos look at that Fuzzy Wuzzy...
by ISAACROLLO March 24, 2008
a soft cuddly peron, bear, stuffed animal, etc..; Alan Chan is a perfect example of one.
Carolyn loved the fuzzy wuzzy alan chan!
by Carolyn November 20, 2003
when a stoner screws a teddy bear`
mat screwed fuzzy wuzzy till there was no more fuzzy
by drk death June 27, 2003
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