A slang term used to describe a male who is very uptight about his outward appearence (e.g spray tans, excessive hair gel, hair quiffs etc.) in doing this he also looks very feminine.
Joe: Hey, have you seen Danny lately?

Sam: Yeah, he's turned into a massive fusey
by NannyFanny April 03, 2013
Top Definition
An event/party that takes place in a basement and contains lively music.
Dude that was a sweet fusey goin on last night.
by Dan November 13, 2003
the act of being transported from one place to another. code word for being tranformed. see "transformation"
To achieve total displacement, Fusey will lead the way.
by Gilly October 30, 2003
Myan Sun God, also referred to as Ah Kinchil.
Ix Chel said unto Fusey, "the travelers are coming."
by Webster October 30, 2003
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