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A person who is a Guru on Facebook only (posting inspirational quotes, affirmations and messages). Over time, this person develops an online persona with "friends" or fans on their wall.

A faux guru...
Suzie has her own following of friends on Facebook who have elevated her (whether they realize it or not ) to the level of a minor Furu.
by Flossie Marie June 23, 2011
Furu is a Norwegian word for being an extremely good lover, but was in May of 1994 chosen to represent a translation for the english for for Pine(wood).
"Ive never been with someone who's that furu" , "oh my god hes a furu!" or "he/she was a furu, it was awesome"

After May 1994 these examples came along:
"I need to wax my new pain table" or "is there any pine in this forest?"
by p1ngv1n January 11, 2011
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