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Something really cool or impressive, as described by the Beastie Boys.
"Oh my god, that's some funky-shit!"
by encino January 29, 2003

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Old-school terminology that is used to convey your approval of something. It used in a regard similar to that of shiznit.
The Beastie Boys you know we come to get down
Because I've got the flow where I grab my dick
And say oh my god, that's the funky-shit
by sacktapdeluxe March 03, 2009
a similar meaning to that of 'the shit'. Mostly old skool folks refer to this word.
oh my gawd, that's the funky shit!
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
To one who is in the know how.
Ladies, I am down with the Funky-Shit!!
by Ashley Jones January 29, 2003
n. Marijuana or other substance used for the same purpose.
Hey, bro, pass da funky-shit!
by Tara Incognita March 18, 2004