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Something really cool or impressive, as described by the Beastie Boys.
"Oh my god, that's some funky-shit!"
by encino January 29, 2003
49 24

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Old-school terminology that is used to convey your approval of something. It used in a regard similar to that of shiznit.
The Beastie Boys you know we come to get down
Because I've got the flow where I grab my dick
And say oh my god, that's the funky-shit
by sacktapdeluxe March 03, 2009
12 2
a similar meaning to that of 'the shit'. Mostly old skool folks refer to this word.
oh my gawd, that's the funky shit!
by Shaneo October 17, 2003
10 5
To one who is in the know how.
Ladies, I am down with the Funky-Shit!!
by Ashley Jones January 29, 2003
9 17
n. Marijuana or other substance used for the same purpose.
Hey, bro, pass da funky-shit!
by Tara Incognita March 18, 2004
5 21