Of or pertaining to a condition less than satisfactory; commmonly used to describe the condition of ancient remnants of food found at the very back of the refrigerator. Origin unknown, first used by neanderthals to describe aged venison.
Yikes! That cottage cheese is totally funkadelic!
by bahrainz February 09, 2000
Top Definition
One of the most badass groups of musicians ever to come together. Pioneers of funk, owing to Sly Stone and others, they created some funky ass music, as well as one of the most beautiful guitar solos ever recorded.
-Dude, I come pretty close to crying when I hear "Maggot Brain" from Funkadelic.
-You're a fag.
-Have you ever heard it?
-Okay. (Gently weeps)
by Carlos Quintana January 02, 2007
A level above funky.
that song is so funkadelic
by Sass-a-Fras February 29, 2008
adj. to be in the state of total cool, awesome
Bob Burnquist is one funkadelic skater!
by Jeremy January 25, 2004
If something is funkadelic its amazing and cool and wicked.
It's like funky but better. Absolutely amazing or cool looking.
That is so funkadelic!
Oh, funkadelic
by dudey_fleur July 24, 2006
Descriptive word for something which is truly fantastic, beyond the realms of normal wonder.
Why my darling that dress you are wearing is simply funkadelic!
by StripeySock February 25, 2005
1: excessive awesomeness, or abundance/plethora of available funk.

Could be use in the positive or negative connotation.
Positive: That dude's jacket is funkadelic!

Negative: Euugh, Your mom left the bathroom all funkadelic!
by Dedeesunshine July 23, 2009
the absolute funkiest shizznizzle
Man, dem kicks is funkadelic.
by FozzieFunk April 02, 2003
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