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spoilt party food
Get that funduck off the table!

Shit's funducked, mate.
by dlauisarat September 04, 2014
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The way a person feels when they are having a good time. It is occaisionally followed by the shaking of your booty .
After she returned home she partied like a funduck and shook her booty all night long.
by pooponyou November 30, 2003
Where a male inserts his penis inside a female and proceeds to "waddle" it around
Girl 1: "I had the best sex last night"
Girl 2: "Oh yea? What happened?"
Girl 1: "He just put it in me and funducked it all around. Sent me loopy!!"
Girl 2: "Nice! I'd like to be funducked"
by Fun-duck June 11, 2011

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