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Spanish Word For Ass
Tha Fundillos R Tha Best Holmes
We R Tha Fundillos
by Adrian Fundillo November 11, 2004
In Mexico and parts of central America, this word is used to describe the booty. Some say ass, behind, butt, gluteus maximums or big cheeks. In Spanish el fundillo es unas nalgas, culo, pompis, or cola.
That girl just showed me that fundillo, I saw red panties.
by joshwua915 November 26, 2014
The new perfume released by Paris Hilton.
My girlfriend was her new perfume named fundillo from Paris Hilton and she totally smell like a hershey squirt. It really brought out the butt pirate in me!
by El Rey de las nalgas May 09, 2009
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