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A person or group of persons who have the uncanny ability to absorb all of the fun out of something, not unlike a sponge...
Person 1: I say its such a wonderful day, shall we partake in a light spot of fornicating the establishment...
Mikeey: No..... *Sound of fun absorbtion fills the air*
Person 1: You sir are such a FUN SPONGE...
by Edmund Black Adderz May 29, 2009
Noun. A boring, humourless person.
Who was that boring prat you were with yesterday? He was a real fun sponge!
by Dick Wright-Upham December 06, 2010
Someone who has the ability to walk into a room and litteraly soak all of the fun out of it. Also known as a muzz.
"Nick was such a fun sponge, the moment he arrived the party died."
by Doc Raymond October 10, 2003
The character Freddie Mclair from the television show Skins.
Cook: And why didn't we invite Freddie?
JJ: Cause he's a Fun Sponge
Cook: You got it
by seemejudgingyou September 08, 2009
A fun sucker, downer, negitive nacy party pooper or a downright joy killington.
Person 1: Man, lets go on a killer adventure!
Person 2: (AKA Fun sponge) Naw, im kinda tired. Plus adventures are for losers.
by Simple Jack and a sack March 24, 2009
This word is used when a person sucks up all the fun out of a room and makes the atmosphere really boring

Like the way a normal sponge sucks up liquid
Sean is so dull, he's being a total funsponge.

Sean was being a total funsponge when he started talking about math
by Sexylegs April 17, 2009
Someone who stops everyone else having fun
*Beth and Aamy were giggling *
Justin: Stop being so immature
Beth: Well stop being such a fun sponge then.
by Nikki Crapper June 04, 2009