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A bun shaped object that you can consequentially have sexual relations with, producing fun.
Me: OMG!!1! I wrapped eggcrate foam around my latex glove and made a fun bun!

You: How Fun! Let me try!@!
by shitckae66969 December 04, 2008
a word used to describe a womans ass. mostly used by men at a bar over the age of 40.
"hey there,I was watching you shake your funbuns from across the room."
by Ianrob616 February 26, 2008
A woman or man used for sexual purposes only
Man, I need to get some fun buns going this weekend. I haven't been laid in weeks.
by Monsignor O'Shea October 05, 2006
funbun, which meant "for us niggas by us niggas", but now it has changed to fubu, which is just "for us by us"
person 1: "yo dawg i just copped some funbun pants"
person 2: "wtf are funbun pants"
person 1: "i meant fubu, my fault, they used to be funbun back in the day"
by thedawghouse April 22, 2006
funbun has originated from south florida prisons it means homosexual. It is often used when reffering to a punk in prison.
Why you got them tight pants on nigga you look like a matha fuckin funbun.
by cowbeezzy baby August 15, 2009
Grown-up person who enjoys the small waves the the wave machine creates, in a sense staying at the shallow end.
Check out her! Fun Buns!
by Martin Reynolds May 24, 2005

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