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A complete evacuation of the bowels that does not require the use of toilet paper - usually one check-up wipe is applied just to be sure.

The term originates from the sport (?) of tractor-pulling.

May require diet adjustment to materialize.
John was almost out of toilet paper, luckily he was able to pull a full-pull. He took a second to marvel at the consistency of the wholesome turd before he flushed it down the toilet.
by Fah_Hogdadda October 30, 2009
When put a substantial piece of crack cocaine on a glass pipe and and put a full flame on it to inhale a substantial and large hit hence the Full pull.
Take a full pull off that pipe. or can I get a full pull?
by hirosfca December 08, 2007
A term used by the intellectually stunted to describe a truck that is able to pull a tractor the full distance of the course at a tractor pull
Hey Cletus, how far did he drag that one? Well Jim-Bob looks like he got himself a full pull right thurr.
by Glazzy July 25, 2006
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