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The shit that one takes after eating hot buffalo wings. It is characterized by the burning sensation within one's anus. The butt napalm is caused by the heat of the sauce being retained through the system and causing a similar heat sting as experienced when initially ingesting the wing. The only relief for this sensation is by completing the shit, and wiping thoroughly to clear the butt of said napalm.
Man, those Caribbean Jerk wings were awesome, too bad I'm gonna have butt napalm later.
by Glazzy November 19, 2006
A term used by the intellectually stunted to describe a truck that is able to pull a tractor the full distance of the course at a tractor pull
Hey Cletus, how far did he drag that one? Well Jim-Bob looks like he got himself a full pull right thurr.
by Glazzy July 25, 2006
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