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The end of a massage, when a handjob is given to the reciever of the massage.
The masseuse gave Johnathan the "Full Release" stroking him gently after his massage for extra money.
by Will T November 09, 2003
Slang term used in corrupt massage parlors (Whack Palaces) to indicate that you wish to be given a handjob.
"Yeah, uhm, do you offer a full release massage?"
by Asshole October 06, 2003
When one masturbates, urinates and has a bowel movement in a row.
Hey, let me have a full release and a shower before you pick me up to go to Toronto.
by 1138 September 17, 2011
Where you cough, sneeze, vomit, cry, spit, piss, burp, cum, excrete, and just release a variety of things from every pore and hole.
I heard Ted full released last night, resulting in combustion... Poor guy is in the hospital.
by The anus butcher November 24, 2011