person is both so ugly they are fucking ugly
see yana over there; she's fugly

by fliplove March 22, 2010
this word has two definitions:
1) to denote some one whom is far beyond the relms of uglyness and combine it with the word fucking with out the use of profanity in a public place fucking + ugly = fugly
2) can also be assosiated with the Lindsay Lohan film 'Mean Girls', where by two insults are combined to save the time of the one throwing them. therefor Fat + Ugly = Fugly
you know that girl over there...i hate her...she's such a fugly slut!!
by kim June 14, 2006
Short for 'fucking ugly'
Girl 1: Man, you're so fucking ugly!

Girl 2: Why don't you just say fugly, it'll save you time.
by brewed-since-1992 April 04, 2006
F***ing ugly. So ugly that "ugly" won't describe.
I thought she was pretty after 10 beers, but when I woke up the next day she was f'ugly.
by Patrick Wentworth June 19, 2006
extremely ugly
or fucking disgustingly ugly
man that bitch was so damn fugly i threw up on her and i didnt notice
by original nuttah March 24, 2003
adjective (-lier, -liest)
Shortened way of saying "fucking ugly"; hideous; revoltingly unsightly; abominably grotesque; sickeningly repugnant; exceedingly unattractive; butt-ugly; ugly as sin; plug-ugly

fuglification (noun), fuglify (verb), fuglily (adverb), fugliness (noun)
1. That was the fugliest fucker I've ever fucked.
2. Fugly ho'!
3. The house across the street underwent a serious fuglification when they put up those orange shutters.
4. I'm'a fuglify you wit' ma' fist!
5. He laughs so fuglily.
6. Your fugliness seeps through even when you are wearing tons of makeup.
by kumugenzobi May 26, 2009
It Fuckin Means...Fuckin Ugly
Damn dude you are FUGLY
by Stonnedferret January 10, 2006

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