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The thick brownish discharge you get before you start your period.
I thought I'd come on the rag today when I felt something moist in my knickers, but I was only fudging.
by nurseblade September 29, 2007
another term for "fucking". This word is used by somewhat good people so that when they're saying the word fudging, it wouldn't sound so offesinsive.
Lea: My gosh, have you seen Higa's latest vid? It's so fudging cool!~
by MIR17 July 02, 2011
The way CERTAIN PEOPLE dance at school dances.
Person A: Did you see Maggie at the dance?
Person B: OMG yeah, she was totally fudging
by MMMMcookies April 12, 2011
Means being a cunt or a harsh person.
"What's up?"

"James is fudging!"
by Joshybhoy November 30, 2011
When you don't want to say fuck or fucking you say "Fudge." Or "Fudging."
I fudging love you bæ!!" 😘😍💕
by XxDreamerAtBestxX July 03, 2014
This happens during the course of anal sex, the reciever takes a dump on the giver's penis while it is inserted into his anus.
"dude you're dad is so gay i saw him fudging the coach."
by spoofy March 30, 2005