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When a man is haveing anal sex an then, takes his penis an thrust's it down a persons throat.
I gave my girl a fudgecicle last night because I thought it be funny.
by FATMAN72085 January 30, 2007
A frosted Spanish dessert treat made from sweetened bat guano.
"El es-es-es, ess es-es Fudgesicle el Chris Waddle" said Kharhlos to Juan Pablo.
by Darachnid May 11, 2005
When a man inserts his erect penis into another's ass while the partner shits all over the penis, after pulling out the shit covered penis the partner licks the shit off.
Suzzy ate five fudgecicles last night and her breath tasted of shit.
by Smitycent April 01, 2008
that icy shit stalagmite that hangs from an eskimos ass
yurdy,is that fudgecicle hanging from yo ass?

eh, fuck me its so cold today bro, i gonna snap that bitch off!
by lolipop June 18, 2006
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