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1. A stool used for fucking upon.

2. Anal discharge during intercourse, either from the giver or receiver.
1. Auctioneer: Ladies and gentlemen, the next item up for bid is this fabulous late-Victorian fuckstool, once fucked upon by Katharine Hepburn and Groucho Marx. I'll start the bidding at 250,000.

2. Dave: Man, I hate having to sleep in the wet spot.
Ron: Hey man, you got it easy. I had to sleep in a big pile of fuckstool last night.
by Niggerballs November 20, 2006
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The label for a process by which someone is used to gain access to other people with whom sexual activities, or 'fucking' is required. Symbolically, you stand on top of the person to reach people who would otherwise be beyond you.
The girl is of sub-par looks and has a mean case of herpes, but I reckon with all of her hot friends she would be a swell fuckstool.
by Scott Wood January 08, 2004
derogatory comment, usually referring to someone who sits on their ass while everyone else does the work.
john: to hell with that, i'm not liftin that shit
mike: pull your fuckin finger out you fuckstool
by Duncan the slim. September 13, 2005
Someone who is a douchebag, fuckhead, and shitbird, like my friend Brad.
"Who you callin' a stoolfuck, you fuckstool!"
by Douchefuckerman July 28, 2006

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