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The area between the sack (or twat) and sphincter, as minspronounced by my mildly-retarded friend, Mark, who didn't realize the correct word is "taint".
Mark told us his wife tongued his "tate" last night. We had no idea what he was talking about, then he said, "you know, the skin between your balls and asshole." We cracked up, not believing how a 35-year-old retard like him could possibly hold a full-time job as an English teacher and not know that "taint" is the correct terminology. He is now known by us as "Larry Tate".
#taint #sphincter #twat #retard #asshole
by Douchefuckerman July 18, 2006
An erection so massively huge that it stretches and pulls the skin from your face, causing a tooth-bearing grimace and bleeding from the corners of the eyes where the thin skin tears. It requires such a large volume of blood for engorgement that there is shunting away from the head and brain, resulting in dizziness and tunnel-vision, frequently progressing to loss consciousness, convulsions, and sometimes frank coma and death in the worst case.
"There was so much hot pussy at the bar last night that I got a wicked raultney and had to leave. In the car in the parking lot, I almost passed out. Luckily, DeeCee loves to suck cock and get her face schpackled, so she quickly saved the day by hungrily sucking me off until I blasted a good one in her eyes and freshly-washed hair!"
#crank #hog #woodrow #schpackle #airburst
by Douchefuckerman July 18, 2006
Someone who is a douchebag, fuckhead, and shitbird, like my friend Brad.
"Who you callin' a stoolfuck, you fuckstool!"
#stoolfuck #douchebag #fuckhead #shitbird #cack
by Douchefuckerman July 28, 2006
A specific drinking sequence, originally devoloped for use at NFL games, but applicable to any situation (other sporting events, weddings, Saturday afternoons with nothing better to do, etc.), where the cocktails are drunk in symmetrical ascending / descending order, for example: single, double, triple, quad, triple, double, single. Results vary based on the potency of the middle drink (double, triple, quad), but if performed properly usually will cause a domestic dispute or problems with the law. A single-double-single palindrome is pussy-weak, a "quad" palindrome, on the other hand, is manly and impressive.
"Stoolberg was on the back of a quad palindrome when he suddenly blew corn on the lady in the row in front of us, and bailed just before finishing the downside double. Disqualified and humiliated, he vowed to make a comeback attempt the following week. I think he needs more practice."
#puke #drunk #stewbum #pussy #tool
by Douchefuckerman August 16, 2006
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