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Slang name for Frankston which is part of the Greater Melbourne metropolitan area. The reason for the name is that most who are from Frankston and/or live in Frankston are drug fucked, fucked in the head, have fucked their life up and most likely someone elses along the way. Also this is one of the worst suburbs in the Australian state of Victoria. It is at the top of lists such as most assaults outside the Melbourne CBD, highest rate of hoon drivers, highest rate of shop lifting ect. The Frankston train line is one of the most unsafe train services in the state. Aswell as this there are other reasons to call Frankston, Fuckston these include youths are out of control, Rape, Gang Bashings, Murder, major car crashes, gangs roaming the streets, Main Street in Frankston is littered with people on drugs. Schools are very poor quality in all areas, most teachers and principals have lack of knowledge, compassion, aswell as not giving a stuff about their students who attend their schools. Same with the Frankston police, they don't give a stuff about crime might be one of the reasons for the rise in crime so if you are a victim to some sort of crime don't expect the police to help to much. So finally my advise if you are thinking of coming to Frankston aka Fuckston, DON'T!
Don't you mean Fuckston, everyone from there is ethier drug fucked, fucked in the head and/or fucked their life up amd most likely someones elses aswell
by Wilma Wilde October 07, 2009
A particularly vile and hateful brand of UK estate agent
'I need to rent a flat so I'm going to have to pop into Foxtons'
'Yeah, you know, the ones with the shiny smart-cars, glossy 80's wine bar-esque offices, free bottles of perrier, smarmily indifferent 'lettings consultants', increasing high street monopoly and sickeningly extortionate and disproportionate tenants fees?'
'Ohhh, I think you mean Fuckstons'
by Non October 26, 2012
A nickname for a really really crapy school.
1."Hey guess who going to fuckston this year??"
2."welcome to fuckston university!"
3.The Abbey School.
by QuietKid May 05, 2005
a complete idiot, fag, queer, bitch, or retard.
"Shut the hell up u fuckston"
"what a fuckston his lock combo is 0-0-0
"only a fuckston would fuck that fat ugly bitch"
"get away from me u fuckston"
by Jameses August 20, 2005
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