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a person who has been punk for ever!
also called a dinosuar.at least punk for 10 years
i know this guy who has been into punk since '76 he is still sporting a mowhawk
by non February 28, 2004
A particularly vile and hateful brand of UK estate agent
'I need to rent a flat so I'm going to have to pop into Foxtons'
'Yeah, you know, the ones with the shiny smart-cars, glossy 80's wine bar-esque offices, free bottles of perrier, smarmily indifferent 'lettings consultants', increasing high street monopoly and sickeningly extortionate and disproportionate tenants fees?'
'Ohhh, I think you mean Fuckstons'
by Non October 26, 2012
1. Taker.
2. A farm boy turned Halo player.
Taker is nooby nooby noob!!!
by NoN November 28, 2004
found on road dead relly
what is that on the side of the road oh! a ford
by non September 02, 2004

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