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"Fuckman" 1. n.. an appellation used in place of a personal name when that name is not known; a humorous nickname used to irritate a person, esp. when repeated often and despite all requests to stop. 2. interj. exclam. or expletive denoti...ng anger, surprise, sudden fear, dismissive contempt, patient scorn, or confusion.

The word is ...associated mainly with the well-known Rhythm and Blues combo "The Crawling Kingsnakes" which flourished in Toronto in the early years of the present century. It is not clear which of the band members originated the utterance, though it is rumoured to have been Michael Bonner. "Fuckman" is said to have referred chiefly to the drummer, Robert Parker, but may have been attached to other members also. The word is usually pronounced loudly, and often shouted.
You really are a Fuckman
Here's your crown, king Fuckman
by Croidler February 25, 2011
A superhero that wears red/white polka dot boxers and is named fuckman, he wears a fruity towel as a cape.
Emily: hey fuckman save me!
Fuckman: no PROBLEMM
by Billy Samounty April 29, 2007