Top Definition
A term used to express extreme disapleasure at a
particular moment. More prefered than 'Fuck' alone,
due to its repetition and deeper meaning.
Cindy: What happened?!?
Lisa: Fuckity Fuck Fuck!!!
Fredd: Woah that was deep, man....
by mini-chiko January 16, 2008
Used in cases of amused angst...
You ruined my birthday cake by tripping and falling on it? Well, fuckity fuck fuck.
by towanda March 23, 2005
let's face it...saying it once just doesn't mean anything anymore...
Someone: "Time to do some Solids homework!!"
by Homestar runner February 01, 2005
A bloody Herring Seagull or more like a few hundred living within 300 yards of your window! If you live in Brighton, UK, you will kno wexactly what I mean!
I'm gonna kill those Fuckity-fuck-fucks (at 5 in the morning!!)
by Wendie Plentie July 02, 2010
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