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the worlds most sexy and lovable person. she has all the qualities you want from a girl, the first is she is gorgeous, and the others i don't recall...yes and she's all mine.
-pule? jeg kan være kamelen denne gangen...
by towanda January 03, 2004
Used in cases of amused angst...
You ruined my birthday cake by tripping and falling on it? Well, fuckity fuck fuck.
by towanda March 23, 2005
1. Yet another exclaimation of extreme disappointment. Usually uttered after a disheartending discovery.

2. Used in place of "I'll be!", or "you are kidding me".
"You dumped a bowl of icecream on the carpet?? Aw, fuck my monkey!"

"Well, fucky my monkey.... I just saw my cousin on TV!"
by towanda March 23, 2005
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