Someone who does not respond in a timely manner whether it be on facebook or through texting. Or someone who is pissing you off.
Eric is such a fuck face! He won't talk to me on facebook!
by umngirl December 14, 2009
a way to describe the way people act; sometimes good & sometimes bad
he was totally acting like a fuckface last night
by heathyy October 27, 2007
An ex who is determined to ruin your life one way or another
Fuckface is suing me from a car accident that happened when we were together.
by bradsbaby511 May 08, 2014
The awesome way your face contorts right when you are about to ejaculate.
Man, me and your mom exchanged fuck face's last night!!
by CoachK26 July 26, 2010
a person who is extremely fulfilled with an asshole personality and likes to jerk off a lot. This person also likes to act like he/she is tough but really is either gay/lesbian or a pussy.
Shut up you fucken fuckface!
by TheShitzio July 22, 2010
a casual greeting to say to ones roomate upon finding his shit on your side of the room.
Hey Fuckface get your skid marked drawers on your side of the room
by Pelosi's rancid vajayjay May 28, 2010
A person who instantaneously pisses you off. The sight of their face gives you a strong urge to smash his/her face in until they cry.
Dude 1: Hey fuckface!
Dude 2: No, you're the fuckface!
by copke March 19, 2015

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