a term of endearment, used when trying to make a point.
..listen fuckface...i care about you..
by LeNa. June 25, 2003
someone who basically has a face that was made of various fucks gathered from all around the globe, from madagascar to himalayas.
I am a fuckface of a thousand handpicked fucks. Blow me!
by cheekybanana October 08, 2011
Someone who sucks penis in exchange for something they want.
That girl is a fuckface!
by ThePhonies May 08, 2010
a term of greeting or mock scolding when said to a friend, or a term expressing anger and spite when said to a stranger or one who is disliked
"Whassup, Fuckface!"

"You trumped my trick, Fuckface!?! Seven cards in your hand and you don't have a damn club?"

"Check your blindspot before changing lanes, Fuckface!"
by jimhokie January 19, 2012
A Person or object that is an absolute asshole and/or self-minded jackass.

Can also describe people who think they are higher than others because they think they are important to many others when really he isn't, or a "tough guy" that talks shit but and might throw a punch or two but is really a lousy idiot.
"I'am better than you because many people love me and I make trillions more dollars than you!"
You: "You forgot to mention you're a fuckface."

You: "You Fuckface."
by WilliamTheTard October 03, 2011
the guy that shot and killed John Winston Lennon on December 8th, 1980 outside of The Dakota in New York City, NY.
Thirty years ago today a man by the name of fuckface destroyed one of God's greatest gifts to music and humanity.

If they ever release fuckface from prison he won't live through the night.
by highnuck December 08, 2010
a way to describe the way people act; sometimes good & sometimes bad
he was totally acting like a fuckface last night
by heathyy October 27, 2007

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