Dissing someone else's crew, or crib.
Giants - "We just schooled your ass."
Patriots - "Man, fuck yo couch."
by Luler February 07, 2008
A term used when you want to mix things up instead of saying 'fuck you'. If you got screwed over or you got fucked then it can also be changed for that too. It can also refer to as not wanting to get fucked up.
*Person 1 to person 2* "Hey look at that little bitch right there!"
*Person 2 to person 1* "Dude, Fuck yo couch!"
*Person 1 to person 2* "Man, I just got my couch fucked!!"
*Person 2 to person 1* "How? What happened?"
*Person 1 to person 2** "I dont want them to fuck my couch!"
*Person 2 to person 1* "Then quit fuckin their couch and nothin will happen."
by The1965Ghost March 02, 2010
If a motherfucker spill his motherfucking drink on you in the club while you fresh he fucking up yo couch man. If a bitch loud as hell in yo ear while you trying to get your smoke on or you sleep, she fucking up yo couch man. If the police come around this motherfucker messin up your paper they fucking up yo couch.
Fuck yo couch: nigga you fucking up my couch.
by yanar October 28, 2006
Any thing that is done that that fucks up anything of yours.
1. if you in the club and somebody spills they drink on you shirt, they fuckin up you couch.
2. if a bitch loud as hell in you ear while you tryin to get yo smoke on, she fuckin up yo couch.

3. Fuck Yo Couch can also be used to disrespect someone.
by rwqetrykhidcjhjlkdfdtydv,m June 05, 2006
disrespect against a person in a humerous way.
fuck yo couch homie!!!
by Dizzzzy May 26, 2006

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