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A vagina with teeth.
"I ain't touchin that, she probably has a wabajong."
by Luler February 07, 2008
Day of the week that "taggers" (not graffiti writers) go out and tag.
"you ready for monday night?"
by Luler February 07, 2008
Special form of writing Ventrilo information. Usually used/known by people without lives.

Server IP/Hostname
Person 1: "Can you give me that Vent info?"
Person 2: *Writes Down*

Person 1: "Yea we're gonna be myg0t'in it up tonight."
Person 2: "For sure!"

VI form
by Luler February 07, 2008
1.) Overly-used unoriginal "essay" nickmane. Along with "Lil' Joker"

2.) A down-sydrome retard in the WCA clan.
Beaner 1: "Hey Lil' Joker you got any money?"
Lil Joker: "Fuck you essaaay"

by Luler February 07, 2008
Dissing someone else's crew, or crib.
Giants - "We just schooled your ass."
Patriots - "Man, fuck yo couch."
by Luler February 07, 2008

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