Not caring about a particular problem anymore.


Ticket inspector- Kid, let me see your ticket please.

Todd- Ah damn, where is it? I think I dropped it on the way here.

Ticket collector- You know what? Fuck the what man, get in kid.

Todd- Thanks:)
by Norule March 20, 2009
Top Definition
Extreme confusion, such as chance as something impossable happening really does happen. Also used as FTW
Casey: I was walking home today making whale noises with my V then the bottle liked.. EXPLODED!
Todd: Fuck the What?
by Todd Waters December 09, 2006
The opposite of "What the fuck?".
When someone replies in angry tone with What the fuck? You can reply with," Fuck the What?!! Mother Fucker!
by DJHoffman April 02, 2007
When "What the fuck" is to fucked up.
Joe: Dude, did you hear about that soldier who shot all those other soldiers down in Texas?

Ben: Fuck the what??!
by fubsish November 05, 2009
An exclamation used when describing an event later, NOT when it is happening. Associated with wtf and ftw it used in later describing disbelief at something.
Tim: "...and I was like 'dick flavored pizza? Fuck the what!"
Eric: "Yeah dude. Too bad im vegan."
by King KaRmA April 19, 2009
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