The motto of life for all students going through huge amounts of pain in completing certificate of sorts, specifically referenced commonly by University Students.
*Question* How does the relationship between two variables correspond to commentary of person x's assessment of relative elasticity *End Question*

*Student* 'Fuck My Life' *End Student*
by Super Mouse July 03, 2009
you say this when something you thought is going to happen doesnt or it fucks ur plans up.

or when your hearing info u say it
Tyler:hey brad you want to stay the night tomorrow?

brad: sorry already have plans
tyler: fuck my life!!!!
tyler: lol ikr?
theres an exaple or

i go to the doctor and they say if i run or do physical activity my lungs will bleed cuz of blood vesels i popped. so they say u cant to it or theyll bleed and im like well fuck my life... there you go now go spread that like aids :]
by GOD OF FUCK MY LIFEEEEE October 29, 2009
Usually denotes that an incredibly trivial event in the life of some overdramatic asshole has occurred. Although you don't care; they want your pity.

It is also recognized as a weak attempt at humor. Similar to someone who isn't original enough to make people laugh on their own so they are reduced to quoting mega-hit movies that everyone has seen so many times that they won't even laugh at the movie itself, nevermind the pathetic re-run the person is doing.
Ahh man, I stubbed my toe, fuck my life. (friends stare in silence).
by thejordantrack July 10, 2009
Phrase uttered after the sudden realization sets in that your stuck in GITMO. Often associated with symptoms of depression, alcholism, insomnia, suicidal tendencies.
"Honor Bound... Fuck my life"
by Jesus, H Christ August 09, 2008
Quite possibly the most annoyingly retarded and overused phrase used today. Even more retarded when abbreviated.
"Oh I dropped my slushee... fuck my life..."

"Oh my god I farted fml.."

etc. etc. etc.
by OminousAnonymous March 07, 2009
A phrase use when one is royally pissed of when something goes wrong.

Used in the movie "superbad" by the guy working at the liquor store when he has to clean up spilt beer.

a form of raging
*your crush walks by with another girl, your pop just exploded and you failed your exam so you say...
fuck my life!
by ..Ali G.. February 26, 2008
an annoying and careless phrase used to promote self-degradation.

to admit having no value in ones life.

Coined by the liquor store clerk in the movie SuperBad.
Uncle Same: I got a C in my midterm, Fuck My Life!
Uncle Chin: Yes, fuck your life, do something about it!
by Dann Manahan February 27, 2008

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