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A phrase commonly used by those who are distressed, under significant pressure, or greatly depressed about something.
I completely failed that final, and it was worth like 200 points! Ahh fuck my life.

Bobby will never like me because I'm not popular. oh, fuck my life. :(

I hella wanna go to that concert but it's completely sold out. fuck my life.
by piccolio September 26, 2007
A common phrase used by many unfortunate people. This phrase gained popularity from the epic movie Superbad (fat mexican who hates life). It is a common phrase used by 4 members of the 3rd Floor Whores RB, SC, AB, and FA. It is used when a person is under heavy stress or pressure, or just walked out of a brutal exam/test or just did something really retarded and regrets it.
FA: Don't worry, we won't lose late marks for this assignment.
RB: Okay we better not.
FA: My bad, we lost 20% off our mark...
RB: Fuck my life.

SC: What the fuck was that? (regarding chemistry exam)
AB: I guessed on half the questions, fuck my life.
by SwiftRich March 17, 2008
when something does not go the way you would have hoped or liked.

when you are having a bad day.

when something bad happens to you.
Crap!! I just failed my final, fuck my life.

Holy shit, Im getting fat, fuck my life.

Fuck my life, I forgot to do my assignment, motherfucker.

by Cyncyn123 January 08, 2009
A term used by someone to display exclamation at their own or someone else's misfortune. Also abbreviated as FML.
- In the morning after a sleepover -

1st Guy: *Wakes up with sheets stuck to his face*

2nd Guy: Mate I just had the greatest wank ever.

1st Guy: Fuck My Life.

by Aviate March 20, 2009
When something doesn't go your way.
Bob: DUDE! We're out of beer..

John: Fuckmylife!
by Gipp March 04, 2009
a term that is used to express that something has gone wrong and ruined your plans., but used in small situations that really affect nothing important.
"awww man, I bought the wrong gum, fuck my life."

by look_im_a_skater April 08, 2009
Usually denotes that an incredibly trivial event in the life of some overdramatic asshole has occurred. Although you don't care; they want your pity.

It is also recognized as a weak attempt at humor. Similar to someone who isn't original enough to make people laugh on their own so they are reduced to quoting mega-hit movies that everyone has seen so many times that they won't even laugh at the movie itself, nevermind the pathetic re-run the person is doing.
Ahh man, I stubbed my toe, fuck my life. (friends stare in silence).
by thejordantrack July 10, 2009