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A common phrase used by many unfortunate people. This phrase gained popularity from the epic movie Superbad (fat mexican who hates life). It is a common phrase used by 4 members of the 3rd Floor Whores RB, SC, AB, and FA. It is used when a person is under heavy stress or pressure, or just walked out of a brutal exam/test or just did something really retarded and regrets it.
FA: Don't worry, we won't lose late marks for this assignment.
RB: Okay we better not.
FA: My bad, we lost 20% off our mark...
RB: Fuck my life.

SC: What the fuck was that? (regarding chemistry exam)
AB: I guessed on half the questions, fuck my life.
by SwiftRich March 17, 2008
A title given to anyone who roams third floor continuously or just sits their lazy ass in one of the 5 conference rooms. Even when these people/whores don't have the rooms booked, they still occupy the rooms cause that's how 3rd Floor Whores roll. They spend countless hours argueing about nothing, and get nothing accomplished. The result of roaming 3rd Floor like a lost soul are bad test/exam marks, being late for class, and skipping class or an entire course for some students. Some beleive that when they pass away, they will still continue to roam 3rd floor like the ghosts from Harry Potter.
3rd Floor Whore 1: Hey you going to Economics?
Whore 2: I haven't been to Economics since the first day I stepped on third floor.
Whore 1: That's pretty bad cause we have a test soon.
Whore 2: Fuck my life.

3rd Floor Whore 1: Hey I'm studying for my exam in third floor.
Whore 2: (4 hours later) How much have you studied?
Whore 1: I've been on the same page for 3 hours, fuck my life.
by SwiftRich March 17, 2008
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