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To quit doing something, or to tone down an activity. Typically used towards drunken idiots who are being obnoxious or just generally any friend who is taking a joke too far

"Hey Candie! You're smoking too much pot! Fuck down! Now!"
by TheSomethingNick April 30, 2010
the opposite of a fuck up, someone succesful with alot of money.
guy 1: remember that guy rob?

guy 2: he got a leading role in a movie, what a fuck down!
by killzcobra November 26, 2011
An orgy of sorts, but the numbers favor the men. Many more wowen than men.
Hey I heard there was an orgy the other night...did you go?

Yes I did but it was more of a fuck down than anything.
by JWASmokes October 25, 2008
getting fucked over and feeling down about it
Just when i thought my life couldn't get worse, my girlfriend gave me the big fuckdown.
by Dummer January 05, 2008