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the attitude one has on any given friday in which they dont care about anything that happens
DeShwan: Aren't you going to work today?
Mike: Naw man, it's Fuck it Friday
by Danielle's boo June 08, 2009
The last given Friday of each month, in which no fucks will be given.
1. "Should I change the baby? Hell No, It's Fuck It Friday."

2. "Dude wanna get some hookers and tear it up tonight?" "hmmm.... Fuck it, It's Fuck It Friday, let's do it!"
by brucie on the cat June 26, 2013
Pay Day Friday or the Friday directly following Pay Day.
"Hey want to go out for Lunch today?"
"No, I'm skint."
"But it's Fuck it Friday!"
"Oh! In that case count me in!"
by Soulless_2k4 May 03, 2016
Do what you want, its Friday!! Fuck it
Fuck it Friday - who gives a fuck , its Friday, do what you want

Hey you want to get fucked up and smoke some weed?

-Yeah , fuck it, its Friday!
by smittyness 89 February 19, 2015
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