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Brand name that would more accurately reflect white kids wearing Fubu.
Tre: Look at that bitch-ass cracker with the Fubu jersey.

Jevon: That punk's wearin' my number. I'm #05.

Tre: That's some bullshit. We oughta knock 05 teeth outta that muthafucka's grill.

Jevon: Forget it. He's a waste of crime. If white bread like that is gonna be wearin' those clothes, guess I won't be. All I know is you don't see us walking around with shit that says it was specifically made for whitey. His shirt should say Fubi (For unorginal black imitators) but that would be too much like right.

Tre: True dat.
by Robb H. September 21, 2006
A slang word we used in German while I was in the Army.
I stood for @#$% You Buddy I'm Short.
Basically saying I'm not doing that cause I only have 10 days left before I rotate out. Sloth or possibly Insubordination.
CPL. Rock; Hey Huff can you trade guard duty with me?
by bobeca11 December 13, 2010
Fuck You UBI Bitch

UBI as "Ubisoft"
FUBI stop complaining about stuff!
by zducky123 June 26, 2014
A word used by kids around grown ups, means fucking bitch (fubi)
Jen: Did she try to take your man again?
Sue: Yea she tried but it didnt work
Jen: What a FUBI!!
by imdatnigga July 28, 2012

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