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Deriving from its root words 'fucking' and 'uber’, fuber is an intensive. You can add it as a prefix or adjective to enhance the sentence.
Hey man, check out that fuber babe over there!

w00t! M'/ fub3r s74ff pwn$ j00!!
by Tyler 'Squeaks' Langan November 13, 2003
1.Acronym of 'Fucked Up Beyond Every Reason'
2.A combination of 'Fucked' and the German word 'Über'
That movie was completely fuber.
by Scheißemann February 27, 2009
Acronym for "Fucked up beyond recognition"
Guy: Did you see Hailee on the tables last night?
Girl: That was her?
Guy: Yep
Girl: mmm FUBER then..
by Dani[ADD] January 06, 2007
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