contraction of the words front and trunk, referring to the front trunk of a car as the one on the Tesla Model S.
—Where am I supposed to put all the suitcases? the trunk is already packed!
—Just put them in the frunk.
by yac January 15, 2013
fucking drunk
i am frunk
by kiki March 14, 2004
faded, or high, and drunk.
DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! I'm so frunk right now!
by erik April 21, 2004
1. Short for "fighting drunk". Someone who has had too much beer and is picking fights.
2. Short for "fucking drunk". Just very, very drunk.
1. Dave is totally frunk, he just punched out that roadsign!
2. Dave is totally frunk, the roadsign knocked him out.
drunken substitute for the word "fuck"
Get the frunk away from me!
by andrew June 14, 2003
means drunk plus fucking.
Ryan and Taylor were frunking on the dancefloor all night long!
by ithinkmenrcool May 05, 2005
slang term for sex or pussy
Yo, man, I'm hoping to get me some frunk tonight! You hurr?
by Jeremy December 17, 2004
it means fucking plus drunk
ryan and taylor were frunking on the dance floor all night long......
by ithinkmenrcool May 05, 2005

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