to be enjoyably confused
i am so frunk right now, and i love it!
by Alyssa and Karpas September 25, 2006
French krunk, usually found in French ghetto bars across paris.
Oh man, that kid is frunkin like there's no tommorro, just look at him do a backflip and catch the snail in his mouth. Damn.
by Sreech Sreech May 29, 2008
to be in a drunken sate and wanna fuck
oh she was frunk last night
by thomas and megan December 12, 2007
to attempt to act drunk when actually sober; to fake being drunk
Damn those kids are so stupid! They were running around the streets lookin so frunk, my friends and I couldn't help but laugh.
by jear bear May 21, 2006
1.To get drunk in a manner without paying a cent.
"Free Drunk"
Also known as Frunkenness

2.Could also be "Fucking Drunk" together

-How'd Julie get SO trashed? I thought she said she didnt have any money!?
-Well she obviously got frunk, by getting Fralcohol off of randoms.

-Dude, I am SO FRUNK right now! I'm spoo gladdd I cmae to le party without cash!
by DDShade August 08, 2006
A blend of the words "Fraud" & "Punk".

Someone who claims to be a punk without really understanding the politics, aesthetics and ethics of the original punk movement. For example, someone who is punk for the sake of being trendy.

Could also be a blend of the words 'Fake Punk' or 'Fashion Punk'.
"That Avril Lavigne is such a funkin' Frunk"


"That Shockwaves hair advert on TV is so damn Frunk"
by Patl April 11, 2006
Frunk (adj.)- the state of being partially or completely retarded due to excessive drinking or hanging out with G and D. Sometimes associated with too much laughing. Originally thought to be combination of the phrase "F***ing drunk" because frankly, it is much easier to say frunk than f***ing drunk when you are frunk.
"Tyler is SO frunk."
"Devin and Greg are frunkards."
by Frunkard June 11, 2005

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