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to be Simultaneously Drunk and Fucked, often at a late party or on weekends
"Hey that girl was so Frunked last night!"

"Hellz Yeah bitch!"
by P!rate May 03, 2009
When you post on a forum a link or reference to information which was already posted.
"Your Frunked! LimpDick69 already posted that article."
by PCTT August 14, 2008
When you drunk text and want to make it obvys your drunk...
The whole text convo makes sences (correct spelling) untill you amite to being drunk...then you just being to sound like a compleat idoit
Tim: I'm too frunked right now
by sharpcheddachessestacker June 11, 2011
This is the bastard child of the words fucked, krunk and drunk.
Ho, you frunked. How much you had to drink?
by the end all be all. May 18, 2011
1. To be so heavily intoxicated one can not walk or move correctly.
2. To wake up from a night of illegal drinking/ drug use and not be able to move
OMFG I am frunked up.
by AshleyHarris2007 May 20, 2005
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