contraction of the words front and trunk, referring to the front trunk of a car as the one on the Tesla Model S.
—Where am I supposed to put all the suitcases? the trunk is already packed!
—Just put them in the frunk.
by yac January 15, 2013
Adj. A state in which a person is so frustrated that they feel drunk.
This whole situation is stupid! I am so frunk right now!
by greenmango November 11, 2009
The act of getting drunk and funky. A term generally used to refer to teenagers raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who attended CAPA for Musical Theatre.
Look at that girl getting frunk she must have gone to CAPA and is drinking to hide her pain.
by pghdc July 13, 2009
a combination of the word "drunk"...and the curse word "fuck" Commonly slurred and combined when one actually is in the state of being "fucking drunk".
M-Dawg--"Girl, why are you dressed like a leprechaun and singing to shakira?"

Homie H--"Im sooo frunk mannnnn..."
by UWishUWereDisStreet April 24, 2009
to be really fucking drunk. a person or persons acting under the influence of massive quanities of alcohol.
Yo man, we gonna get some goose and red bull and get frunk!
by Too Hottie December 27, 2008
fake drunk; acting crunk while not actually intoxicated
"I'm so crunk right now."
"No you're not; you're frunk; You've had nothing to drink."
by Beast33 June 30, 2004
The act in which Kasslin Greico fakes drunk and has sexual intercourse with guys from hughesville highschool and then tells every one she was "drunk"
Wow.. Kassi is really gettin frunk now!!! Look she is ever sucking zach off!! she must me horribly frunk.
by Nevin Weaver December 21, 2004
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