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contraction of the words front and trunk, referring to the front trunk of a car as the one on the Tesla Model S.
—Where am I supposed to put all the suitcases? the trunk is already packed!
—Just put them in the frunk.
by yac January 15, 2013
The state of being "fun drunk". It is between being tipsy and being crunk.
We acted like a bunch of clowns when we were frunk last weekend.
by Sahara November 12, 2005
The trunk of a mid/rear engine motor vehicle where the engine resides in the back, and as a result, the trunk is in the front.
Front-trunk= Frunk
"Dude, you have a lot of junk in your frunk! ...Literally!"

"I smuggled a Mexican across the border in the frunk of my MR2. When they went to inspect my trunk they only found an empty small compartment. They'd never think to check the "engine bay"."

Cars with frunks: Toyota MR2, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus, Porsche, Honda NSX, Pontiac Fiero etc...
by Earthwormfan July 11, 2012
a front trunk
the Porsche 911 has a frunk
by tachyon_particle June 06, 2012
Frunk is the drunk version of a guy named Frank; when he’s so drunk he makes sure everyone knows that he doesn’t really like them and either grounds or fires them several times over the course of one evening. In that same night, he’ll definitely barf, solve the world’s problems, and fire everyone all over again.
Oh no, is Frank frunk?!
by Thurzdee October 08, 2011
When you get really drunk on beer at Oktoberfest.
Ryan (at Oktoberfest, after falling over 304943839 times): Man, I am so frunk.
by Frunk Ryan October 08, 2010
Adj. A state in which a person is so frustrated that they feel drunk.
This whole situation is stupid! I am so frunk right now!
by greenmango November 11, 2009
f*ucking drunk!
We gettin frunk up in da club!
by vinnieG July 16, 2009