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Free alcohol.

The best type of alcohol.

Somehow girls manage to get this almost all of the time while partying.

I got a lot of Fralcohol at Stoneycroft this year!

Will: Hey Sean! Could you spare a beer or two for a couple bucks?
Sean: Naw man, have one on me!
by DDShade August 07, 2006
The place to be.
An abnormally large and ballin' estate/mannor near Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

It has a Tennis court, swimming pool, trampoline, billiards room, 8 living rooms and a lot of crunked out fools.

I got Frunk at Stoneycroft from a lot of Fralcohol

Will: Hey Sean, where are you goin tonight?
Sean: Stoneycroft man, its where the party's at! You should come, openhouse!

Also used to describe an awesome party: This place is so stoneycroft!
by DDShade August 08, 2006
1.To get drunk in a manner without paying a cent.
"Free Drunk"
Also known as Frunkenness

2.Could also be "Fucking Drunk" together

-How'd Julie get SO trashed? I thought she said she didnt have any money!?
-Well she obviously got frunk, by getting Fralcohol off of randoms.

-Dude, I am SO FRUNK right now! I'm spoo gladdd I cmae to le party without cash!
by DDShade August 08, 2006

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