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hot white girls who like black guys
No, I don't like snowbunnys, I only date sistas.
by konichiwakitty July 21, 2003
The window is where you enter the pussy

The wall is once you're inside what you are rubbing up against

After that you skeet, skeet
Three, six, nine, damn your fine
Move it till you sock it to me one more time
Get low, get low, get low, get low

To the window- to the wall
Till the sweat drop down my balls
All these bitches crawl
Y'all skeet skeet motherfuckers
Y'all skeet skeet god damn (God Damn!!!)
Y'all skeet skeet motherfuckers
Y'all skeet skeet god damn (God Damn!!!)

Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz - Get Low
by konichiwakitty May 09, 2005
a blunt type cigar
I got the weed, who gots the L's
by konichiwakitty July 22, 2003
Someone wearing lots of diamonds (ice) would be frozen
Jacob the Jeweler keeps my arms so frozen
by konichiwakitty July 29, 2003
Not necessarily a crackhead but has many characteristics of one
Earl is embarassed by his mother because she is so crackish
by konichiwakitty August 25, 2003
cock block
Melanie kept calling and put a major c.b. on Jerome
by konichiwakitty August 19, 2003
Lots of diamonds
Jay-z keeps his arms so freezy
by konichiwakitty July 21, 2003

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