a love smitten homosexual who becomes "best friends" with a straight guy.
Billi is Skyler's fromo.
by drbillyg March 19, 2011
Top Definition
Fromo can be accurately defined as a popular style of hair, that consist of a Fro that is shaved into a Mohawk.

This word can be only masterd by the skilled cross country runners that run cross country for CVHS
"yo man, sick fromo you got goin on there"


"I would like the fromo cut with a 2 on the sides"
by Trav-is July 29, 2008
Having a same sex attraction to someone of african descent
Boy: I am such a fromo for Will Smith.

Boy2:Naah I'm only fromo for Kanye.
by Kie-Winning October 30, 2011
To freeze in motion when said for 1, 2, 3 seconds. Otherwise known as, frozen motion (hence, fromo).
"Man, every time she says FROMO, even in a text message, I freeze for 3 seconds."
by Weezy Money November 19, 2013
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