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The act of jizzing on a girl's feet and throwing your pubes on them to resemble the feet of a hobbit.
Tim: Girl you have some pretty feet.
Jill: Thanks.
Tim: I'd love to give you a Frodo Baggins.
Jill: Well, I do love pubes.
by bryri December 03, 2010
The slang name given to a curry so intensely powerful that, after ten long and painful hours, it destroys the ring in a fiery inferno.
Person 1: Dude, how was the curry last night?

Person 2: Let's just say that it was verging on a Frodo Baggins.
by MrBlueSky2397 April 14, 2013
Charcter from J.R.R Tolkiens series "The Lord of the Rings" He destroyed the one ring and saved Middle Earth, with the help of Samwise and the rest of the fellowship. Sam helped him the most though.
Frodo Baggins bravley overcame many odds and destroyed the one ring with the help of his friends.
by Lynne Adler March 26, 2005
1. One who encounters adversity at every turn; 2. One whose excursions are always beset by misfortune
I'm not getting on the ski lift with Jen. She's such a frodo baggins that it'd probably break while we were the only ones on it and we'd get stuck over night.
by libsdubs March 16, 2011
That little piece of shit that clings to the ring.
Dude 1: I've got a fucking Frodo Baggins clinging to my spincter and it won't fall off!

Dude 2: That's gonna be one messy clean-up job.
by columbia45 January 12, 2012
The best literary character to ever exist. BEAUTIFUL in every sense of the word. The bravest of the brave. Hottest of the hot. Nothing but <3 for Frodo.
by Jonna March 26, 2005
A pale guy who queefs everytime he runs and makes everybody laugh in the process, this guy also wears a ring around his neck on a chain because he thinks he looks cool.
OMG Allan, that guy Jason totally pulled of a Frodo Baggins
by OsamaBilalden April 07, 2011
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