a rock made of Foam, primarilly used in aquariums for a customized look/feel.

Dudeeee those frocks in your tank are COVERED in coraline, mannnnnnnn, whoaaaaaaa...
by Erik Harrison March 28, 2007
Like the word fuck, except much cooler. Kinda stolen from the book "Born Confused"- but has evolved awesomely.
" You frocking idiot!"
" I frocked that up,"
" Frocking frockitty frock!"

by c-meister August 10, 2007
a combonation of two words: fucking and rock

fucking + rock = frock
That shirt frock!

You frock!
by sly ahe June 09, 2005
-A religous piece of clothing used by minister type person.
-A piece of clothing worn by a Drag Queen/female transvestite
-drag Queen, or other type of female inpersonator
two words DRAG QUEEN(watch pircillia Queen of the desert) if you don't know what a drag queen is
by Jennifer January 20, 2004
code word for what boys life to do when cute girls wear dresses..

"i want to frock you"
by biggbabbyjusus April 28, 2009
a combination of fuck & rock (i.e. fucking rock; rock fucking); a term used when excited/creeped out/bored
"just frockin' wit' my girliez"
"now frock, FROCK, FROCK, FROCK, you can do it all by yourself"
"ew, frock"
by ZOMG erin August 27, 2007
the cross between an afro and dreadlocks, also was a style of hair in the 80's
yo man u got a frock goin on
by whup-b October 20, 2005

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