Pronounced (frohbe) - Souns like robe.

A two person process. The process of having the first person tighten their lips while pushing them outward to create a small round hole or tight closure while having the second person stick an index finger through the hole or tight closure and imagining it being a butt hole.

Frobe - To perform this action
Frobing - Performing this action
Frobers - People that perform this action
Frobed - To have performed this action
1. I frobed yesterday with Jack, it was sick.

2. Have you ever frobed? It's nasty.

3. Let's show Adam what frobing is, he will gag.

4. Do you want to Frobe?

5. Mike and Dave are Frobers.
by Homer14 June 29, 2011
a pubic fro.

FROBING (to frobe)
To probe a pubic fro.
John's passion is frobing. He loves a good frobe, which I think is disgusting. John, don't ever tell me about that.
by Derelicke May 16, 2008
Werido Arbian knight
WTf why is frobe flying a carpet
by Ghostfacekilla November 25, 2004

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