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Can be used to describe creepy people, whether watching children in the park, or someone who is a perv. But the actual word is derived from Josef Fritzl, Austria cellar rapist father grandfather...
Daughter to Mother: Why is dad extending the cellar?
Mother: He's building a sex dungeon...
Daugher: Wow ... fritzy
Mother: and rapey
by TG05 June 12, 2008
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Refers to any object that is nearly blinding from how reflective and/or shiny it is.
"The child's art project was covered in glue and all different kinds of fritzy things including glitter, making it blinding when put in the sun."
by Maggie Moo March 24, 2006
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A lovelt lady who is always nice too everyone. And she has one hell of a Fucking RACK on her...WOOOOOHOOO BOOBIESSSSSSS
I love every inch of Fritzy on CAM!!!!!!
Nipples included..
by Deadman March 13, 2003
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1.) adjective: Racial slang describing the state of being German or having Germanic qualities. Compare Fritz.

2.) adjective: Racial slang describing a person or thing that closely adheres to German traditions, values, and ways of life.
1.) Brigitte looked Fritzy wearing her traditional dirndl.

2.) Oktoberfest is a celebration of weissbier, wienerschnitzel, lederhosen, and other Fritzy things.
by thespecter September 01, 2007
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being a total asshole, and or fucker because of jealousy or some other reason. also being haughty and cocky. Not to mention being a bit of a pussy, or acting in homosexual ways.
stop being fritzy, pussy.
by some girl April 07, 2004
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